Archetype Necklace

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The Goods: The Archetype Collection by Britta Ambauen, designed to inspire us to embody those diverse roles which make us as unique as the stones used in the collection. A delicate and beautiful 14k gold-fill chain adds wearable elegance to your everyday. 

Materials + Details:

  • 14k Gold-Fill chain, 19"
  • A unique & beautiful, hand-selected gemstone

The Maker: Britta Ambauen

The Hometown: Seattle, Wa

The Story: Britta Ambauen founded her jewelry line in 2009 with the vision to create jewelry to inspire women to cultivate full and courageous lives. Britta Ambauen operates to empower women with jewelry that serves as a reminder to honor yourself. Now based in Seattle, jewelers at Britta are inspired by the lush forests of the PNW.

The Archetypes:

  • Feminist - aqua terra jasper - The Feminist: The pillar of equality for all. Women, men, people of all color, language and creed to achieve political, social, personal and structural equality. The feminist is brave and stands for their beliefs. The aqua terra jasper stone is said to repel negative energy and promote emotional healing. This stone is excellent for helping one find inner-peace, love, and compassion.
  • Philosopher - quartz crystal - The Philosopher: The person who seeks wisdom or enlightenment. Someone who asks difficult questions and seeks complex answers. The quartz crystal encourages clarity of thought and intention of one's heart and mind. Clear quartz has been used as a healing tool since ancient times.
  • Artist - amethyst - The Artist: Inspires those around them by channeling creative energies into physical manifestations. The artist takes difficult concepts and turns them into works of art to be shared with and to fortify our world. Amethyst is historically known to promote creativity and spiritual clarity.
  • Teacher - malachite - The Teacher: Wisdom and courage above all else. The teacher disseminates knowledge to all those they interact with. Teachers keep our world spinning round and remind us to learn from all situations that life presents us with. Malachite is the stone of transformation, openness, and love. All of those things that the teachers of our lives embody.