Lucky Cups

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The Goods: Artistic and ergonomically designed ceramic cups with quirky animals are guaranteed to brighten your day. Buy as a set, or avoid family mix-ups and get everyone their own according to personality.

Materials + Details:

  • Large cups measure 3” in diameter, 4” in height, and hold 12 oz. Available in Dog, Horse or Bison.
  • Medium cups measure 2.5” in diameter, 3” in height, and hold 8 oz. Available in Owl, Koi, Cat, Fox, or Mermaid.
  • Small cups measure 2.5” in diameter, 2.75” in height, and hold 4 oz. Available in Bunny, Chicken, Squirrel, Duck, or Unicorn.
  • Extra small cups measure 2” in diameter, 2” in height, and hold 2 oz. Available in Turtle, Hummingbird, Dog, Fairy, or Hedgehog.

The Maker: The Bowl Maker

The Hometown: Bellingham, WA

The Story: The Bowl Maker produces quality ceramics featuring her sweet and sly animals. After attending California State University Long Beach and beginning her journey into ceramics, she decided to devote her time to creating beautiful art in many forms. “Art for me is a wonderfully fierce, necessary thing. It can not be separated from my being,” she says.