Mini Cactus Kit

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The Goods:  Common knowledge: everything is better in mini! Have your cactus and plant it too! This sweet lil kit comes with everything you'll need to have your very own tiny cactus. Tiny pots are handmade by our friends at spalted home. This baby is a customer favorite and the perfect gift for all lovers of plants big and small ;)

Materials + Details: 

~ What's included ~

- a tiny cactus pup (size will vary anywhere from 1/2"-1 1/2") 
-a mini hand formed and carved vase (between 1 1/2" and 1 3/4")
-tiny bag of rocks 
-tiny bag of soil 
-tiny pipette for watering 
-illustrated instructions for planting and care

The Maker: Spalted Home

The Hometown: Portland, Or

The Story: Spalted Home is all about creating handcrafted home goods that are as unique as your home. Each piece they make is handcrafted and small batch.