Particle Perfume Roller

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The Goods: 

A lightweight perfume roller perfect for on the go! Unisex and super sexy. Keep it with you and apply as much or as little as you like. This ultra-moisturizing oil is great for dry winter skin too.

Materials + Details: Pure Jojoba and Safflower oil is quick-drying and doesn't leave a greasy feel. Safe for skin and clothing. All perfume oils are phthalate, paraben and nut oil free. 15ml. Stainless steel roller ball

The Scents: 

Tide-Feels like you're strolling through a used bookstore.  Santalum, cardamom, leather, orris. 

Valley-California superblooms and sun-baked skin.  Notes of Yuzu, Lemon Peel, Magnolia Flower, Wild Poppy, and Sunrise.

Salt-Soft and refreshing. Sea salt, marine accord, ozone, lotus flower, grapefruit, pink peppercorn.

Storm-Warm rain, sea salt, eucalyptus, and cypress create a clean top with a light musky base. This unisex fragrance is light but sexy. 

Nova-A sensual blend of bergamot, fig, bay leaves, black tea, cedarwood and vetiver. This fragrance is a sudden increase in brightness, like a flash of light that slowly fades to a subtle and lingering musk. A unisex scent you'll want to fight over.

Midnight-Incense smoke, oud, ambrette, lavender, tannin, patchouli

The Maker:  Particle Goods

The Story: Scent is a Particle Phenomenon.   Particle believes that scent roots us deeply to a sense of time and place. Each fragrances is reminiscent of a youth spent exploring the wilds of Utah, Washington and Idaho and sustainably made in Seattle.