Woolly Sasquatch Monster Plush Toy

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The Goods:  A plush Sasquatch Monster

The Details + Materials: super soft fleece, safety eyes and poly fill.  As we leave it up to the artist to choose what color combinations she sends us, please allow us to choose a color for you.  It is way more fun that way!

This woolly monster stands 13" tall and is 11" wide
Each unique woolly monster is handmade in Seattle, WA.
The eyes are plastic and called Safety Eyes. Safety eyes are made to be extremely hard to remove, but like any other toys with small parts, please use your judgment when purchasing this for a child under 3 years of age. I am always willing to make my toys with sewn on fabric eyes - just ask!
Washing instructions: these super soft creatures can be carefully cleaned in a washing machine. For best results, tie creature up in a pillowcase (so its eyes don't get scuffed banging into sides of machine) and wash on cold/delicate. Dryer can be used on its lowest heat setting (also safest to keep it in the pillowcase!)

The Maker:  Careful It Bites, Kelice Penney

The Hometown: Seattle, WA

The Story: With this scary bat you can explore the wild, the mystical, the beautiful and the bizarre… creatures from the fringes of creation lovingly preserved by the careful taxidermy of Kelice Penney.